Showroom pictures from the 1920s show shelves packed with domestic items including cups, saucers, plates, candlesticks, washbowls, jugs, cheese-dishes, etc. Most domestic wares have not survived as they are very brittle, and are easily broken or chipped.

Cheese Dishes Cheese Dishes
Ledded Dishes Lidded Dishes
Candlestick 1 Candlesticks 1
Candlestick 2 Candlesticks 2
Candlesticks 3 Candlesticks 3
Candle Holders Candle Holders
2-handled Pot 2-handled Pot
Sugar Bowls Sugar Bowls
Milk Jugs Milk Jugs 1
Milk Jugs Milk Jugs 2
Milk Jugs Milk Jugs 3
Tankards Tankards