This section shows the many and varied sgraffito wares made at the pottery. These first appeared in the late 19th century, and continued well in to the 20th century. One pot in our collection is dated 1944.

The wares were often designed by students at the Farnham School of Art, and then fired at the pottery. Probably most of the pots were made by the potters, and the designs were either scratched or sometimes slipped on to the pots by the students.

A newspaper article about the pottery from 1898, mentions the following: In a small room were ranged on shelves, benches and floor, jugs, vases, ewers, basins, tiles... Another interesting feature of this room was found in specimens of sgraffito work, executed by a party of Farnham ladies under the direction of Miss Hazel.

Ada Kate Hazell
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