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Guildford Cathedral Wares


The clay dug from Stag Hill when the Guildford Cathedral was being built, was used to make bricks for the Cathedral, and some was also used at the Farnham Pottery.

Various items were made at the pottery including mugs, vases, bowls, jugs and beakers. All are unglazed on the outside and glazed inside. Two different incised inscriptions are known - 'Guildford Cathedral 1938' and 'Guildford Cathedral 1939'.

Items of this pottery can be seen in the Treasury at Guildford Cathedral. There is also one jug and one vase in the Hampshire Museum Collection at Winchester. We have, in our own collection, a tankard (shown to the left) and a vase or beaker.

The base of one of the items in the Hampshire Museum's Collection showing that it was made at Wrecclesham by A. Harris and Son, and was potted by R. Nixon.

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