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Owl Bowls - 1

Owl Bowl Owl Bowl
Bowls with Three Owl Faces.

In the Liberty and Co. Catalogues they are described as Flower Bowls. Other catalogues describe them as Rose Bowls.

Known Examples:
Green, Blue, and Brown.

Known Sizes:
In many sizes from a diameter of 3.75 inches to 7.75 inches.

Original Prices:
5 inches    1s 3d    (source: Liberty and Co. Catalogues)
6 inches    2s 3d
7 inches    3s 0d

Other Information:
In the book 'Queen of the Abbey Girls' by Elsie J. Oxenham (1926),
pieces of pottery are described as 'green pottery-ware' which had
been 'brought from Surrey'. A three-faced owl bowl is mentioned.

Owl Bowl Sketch from a Farnham Pottery Catalogue:

Catalogue Owl Jug
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