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Owl Jugs - 1

Owl Jug Image Owl Jug Owl Jug Owl Jug Image
Jugs with an Owl Face.
In the Liberty and Co. Catalogues they are described as Ale Jugs.

Known Examples:
Green, Blue, Brown, Orange-Brown, and other colours.

Known Sizes:
In many sizes from a height of 3 inches to 9.5 inches and above.

Original Prices:
5 inches      1s 3d    (source: Liberty and Co. Catalogues)
6.5 inches   2s 0d
8.5 inches   3s 6d

Other Information:
The Owl Jugs are probably the best known and most admired pieces of Farnham Pottery. Other manufacturers produced similar owl jugs, for example Denby, and recently Paul Berman of Boscombe.

Owl Jug Sketch from a Farnham Pottery Catalogue:

Catalogue Owl Jug
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