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Liberty and Co. Catalogues

From the end of the 19th century and certainly up into the 1920s, Farnham Pottery was sold at Libertys. Many of the Libertys' catalogues feature the pottery under the heading Green Ware, or Farnham Ware.

It is thought that the pottery was sold by Liberty and Co. from the early 1890s onwards. The earliest catalogue containing the pottery is 1898 and the latest we've seen is mid to late 1920s in age.

The catalogues can be viewed at the Victoria and Albert Museum Library in London, on MicroFiche. The original catalogues are also available as part of the Special Collections, however to view these you will need to get special permission. Original Liberty and Co. catalogues can also be viewed at the City of Westminster Archive Centre, 10 St. Anns Street, London SW1P.

The list below shows the catalogues which contains pictures and details of the Farnham Pottery. The V and A Fiche numbers are shown between parentheses. Catalogues available at the City of Westminster Archive Centre are marked (CW). A catalogue in our collection is marked (H).

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